Come Lend a Hand

Below are some of the areas of service that we at Willow operate. When we all pitch in to help, we can do just about anything! Check out our areas of service and see how you can help today!


Willow Ave has a number of programs designed to reach out to those who cannot make it to services and who need regular assistance.

Meals on Wheels

Members of the Willow Ave Church of Christ get together three per week to prepare, cook, and deliver meals. Not only does this program make life a little easier for those dealing with difficult situations, but it also brightens the recipient's day to have visitors. Contribute today by helping with the planning, cooking, and delivery of these meals or by contributing monetarily to support those who cannot cover the costs of meals.

Care Groups

Willow Ave also focuses on reaching out to both shut-ins and those who are dealing with other issues (e.g. illness, passing of loved one, and other emergencies). The members on the Care Group Teams strive to keep an extensive list of those in need, but if you or someone you know could benefit from their assistance, please let us know by calling our office at (931) 432-2333.

Food Pantry

Willow Ave is proud to be able to support the community through it's food pantry program. It's a terrible thing to go without and we aim to keep that from happening. Within a very short period of time, Willow Ave can have you supplied with a healthy variety of food and supplies.

As this is one of our most important programs, Willow Ave is currently planning an expansion to the food pantry program -- to have regular hours and staff for the program. Stay tuned for more details to come.

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